What is a Fast Approach demand-side platform?

A demand-side platform (DSP) is software that advertisers can use to purchase advertisements from a marketplace. These platforms give advertisers the power to purchase, analyze, and manage ad bids across many networks — all from a single place.



DSPs act as the intermediary between the publisher and the advertiser. Gone are the days where it would take days or even weeks to publish an ad because of all the meetings required to finalize a deal. Now, in the fraction of a second that a website takes to load, a near-instantaneous auction takes place to determine which ad should be displayed to the user.

Fast Approach DSP lets you choose who you want to reach with your ads and how much you're willing to spend. Our intelligent machine learning algorithms will take care of the rest and make carefully selected bids to win the best placements for your company.



Fast Approach DSP purchases each exposure directly from numerous ad exchanges through real-time bidding. We can obtain advertising space priced by the number of impressions (cost per mille). Moreover, our DSP combines detailed user data collection with best-in-class precision targeting for advertisers.

Fast Approach both provides high-quality ad inventory and helps advertisers manage their ad exchange accounts. Our comprehensive services will help our clients develop their marketing strategy, generate leads, and boost conversions.



Provide high-quality advertising inventory.

Help advertisers manage Ad Exchange accounts and provide a full range of services.

Help advertisers solve the problems of low efficiency and ineffective spreading.


Propelling Your Business with the Latest Technology

Transparent Data Collection

Never miss a lead with our full-featured reporting system that puts you in control! With our flexible platform, you can integrate with third party data providers, create and save custom reports, and extract data from any given time period. We want you to have the best insights to drive and promote your business.

Automated Bidding & Real-Time Reporting

Fast Approach’s demand side platform carefully analyzes bids and transactions like clockwork. In under 100 milliseconds, we find the perfect match between an advertiser and a potential customer. At Fast Approach, we put you in the driver’s seat. We give you access to powerful and insightful real-time data to track your campaign’s success — anytime, anywhere.

Omnichannel Targeting

Our cross-channel targeting includes mobile, video, and native ads.

AI-Powered Precise Targeting

Get better ad placement, higher sales conversion rate, and increased brand exposure with our razor-sharp audience targeting capabilities powered by machine learning.

Automated Campaign Optimization

Automate your campaign using our machine-learning algorithms. Use both historical and real-time data from multiple sources to identify and reach an online demographic who is most likely to use your products or services.

Comprehensive Services

One-Stop, Worry-Free Solution

Fast Approach offers a two-way, one-stop service for North American and Chinese enterprises. From professional consulting to collaborative operations, Fast Approach serves individual companies and advertising agencies. We pride ourselves on our platform that is known for its accessible data, strong scalability, and ease of use. Our clients can easily manage their campaigns through our website and develop a strategy that works for any budget.

CPA Optimization

Fast Approach allows our clients to adjust their ideal cost per action (CPA) that works best for their wallet and their strategy.

Mobile Advertising

Fast Approach supports cross-device advertising. Through accurate analysis and precise targeting, we can place ads on users’ mobile devices and increase the conversion rate for your promotion.

Video Advertising

Fast Approach supports video ads, such as Youtube, Youku, and Tudou. We can also place promotional ads on Google’s interface.

Native Advertising

Fast Approach also supports native ad delivery based on our clients’ needs. We can help you develop native advertising solutions that match your ad strategy.

Contact us today to develop your next digital campaign!

North American Market

Fast Approach maintains close relationships with mainstream North American ad publishers. We’ve connected with Google, Facebook, and Instagram to ensure that your company has a strong presence in the North American market.

Chinese Market

As Canada's first programmatic buying platform for the Chinese market, Fast Approach is licenced in China and has the unique advantage of helping companies to be certified in China and pass government audits.

We have successfully partnered with Sina Weibo, MeituPic, and other mainstream Chinese social media to provide you with nothing short of the highest quality ad inventory.

For all plans, Fast Approach will connect with you to understand your company and your needs. We will then develop the best delivery plan for you.